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Howdy. I’m Louise, the Information Science Geek.

Apple iieFrom the day I got my first Apple iie PC at 4 years old, I’ve been in love with computers. I wasn’t singularly minded as a kid in the early ’80s. We had a Nintendo, I liked playing baseball with my brothers, I adored swimming, I had Barbie dolls, and we would stage epic G.I. vs She-Ra battles on the model train set in our basement. But that wonderful computer held a special place in my heart. The tactile pleasure of pecking away at a keyboard was second only to the magical green glow of the screen.

I could write short stories, type letters for my grandma, publish faux newsletters swimming in clip art, or even write my own little simple programs using the first coding I ever learned: Applesoft BASIC.

A very simple program written using Applesoft BASIC on a personal computer in the 1980s.
A very simple program written using Applesoft BASIC on a personal computer in the 1980s.

These days I’m usually knee-deep in a PHP related project. Most of the time it’s WordPress but quite often it is BuddyPress. I freelance, I volunteer, I take contracts with agencies, all through my web development firm, Info Sci Geek. I use this website, LouiseTreadwell.com to document my projects and to tinker with new ideas. Web development is a living and breathing entity so there will always be more to learn.

Please feel free to poke around the site. My blog is full of code samples, many of which I will be migrating over to GitHub to make them more accessible to all. Have a coding question? Click here to send me a message and I’ll incorporate it into my next blog post. Need to hire me for your next project? Let’s talk. I welcome the chance to show you how my busy brain can create great solutions for your business.

– Louise Treadwell, “The Info Sci Geek”